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Tech Tip #12: Wrap Text Around a Picture

Posted by on October 5, 2010

tech tipsAs a working technology teacher, I get hundreds of questions from parents about their home computers, how to do stuff, how to solve problems. Each Tuesday, I’ll share one of those with you. They’re always brief and always focused. Enjoy!

Q: I want my text to wrap around the picture I inserted, but it goes under/above it. There’s a big white space I can’t type in. What do I do?

A: I get this from students a lot. They want text to flow around the picture, but when they add the image to their Word doc, the text stays above and below. Not pretty.

If you have this problem, here’s what you do:

  • double click the image
  • go to the middle tab on the dialogue box that comes up
  • go to the middle selection
  • say OK

how to wrap text

Text now flows around the picture

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