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computer hardwareUpdated 8-23-19


  1. Assess your tech skills
  2. Digital Literacy Assessment from
  3. Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment
  4. Self-assessment of tech skills
  5. Survey about your tech use


  1. Applied Digital Skills–all tech skills
  2. Computer Science Technology Curriculum
  3. Google Applied Digital Skills
  4. K-12 Tech Curriculum
  5. K-8 Digital Citizenship Curriculum
  6. K-8 Keyboarding Curriculum

Digital Citizenship


  1. Computer Insides
  2. Computer puzzle
  3. Find the Technology
  4. Organize technology (drag and drop)
  5. Parts of the computer


  1. Kids Guide to How the Internet Works


  1. GCFFree–tech basics, as well as email, Macs, Windows, online and other topics
  2. Power My Learning–with technology
  3. Videos on Computer Basics K-6


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  1. David Kimball

    Here is a teacher resource on integrating technology:

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