Updated 5-23-24

  1. Adobe Animate–Timeline and motion paths, scripting with ActionScript or JavaScript, integration with other Adobe tools.
  2. Adobe Spark–Templates, animation options, integration with Adobe Creative Cloud.
  3. Animaker–an online tool for creating animated videos and presentations.
  4. Brush Ninja–free and no registration required
  5. Canva–Drag-and-drop interface, animation templates, export options for GIFs and videos.
  6. ChatterPix–make anything talk
  7. Draw and Tell–for K-2
  8. PowerPoint–a video showing how to create animations in PowerPoint
  9. Puppet Pals HD (free app)–Create your own unique shows with animation and audio in real time
  10. VistaCreate–Templates, animation effects, easy-to-use interface.
  11. Wick Editor–free, open source, to create games, animations, and more