Updated 12-23-22

  1. Canva virtual quiz templates
  2. Dotstorming–like Padlet’s board but with voting options
  3. Edulastic–formative assessments; work on any devices
  4. Factile–create Jeopardy-style games for free
  5. Formative–assign quizzes to your class; collect results paperlessly
  6. Google Forms–create online quizzes that autograde
  7. Jeopardy games in PowerPoint
  8. Kahoot–formative assessments via games
  9. Map Treasure–add questions and answers to create a virtual treasure hunt
  10. No Red Ink–track student learning, create quizzes, CC-based–free sign-up
  11. Padlet–ask a question and have students answer it on the virtual wall
  12. PollEverywhere–collect live audience responses anywhere
  13. Quillionz–create quiz from reading content
  14. Quizzalize
  15. Test creator—online
  16. Tests—create fill-in-the-blank
  17. WootMath–formative assessment polls for math