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Updated 9-25-20

Organize/Create lesson plans

leson plans

  1. Alma–create standards-based lessons and gradebook, with analytics
  2. BlendSpace–blend a variety of digital materials into one canvas for students
  3. CK-12 — and differentiate for student learning styles
  4. Explain Everything–screencasting, interactive whiteboard
  5. GoConQR–create and manage planners
  6. Kiddom
  7. LearnZillion
  8. PearDeck
  9. Planbook–simple lesson planning that can be shared, expanded with attached files; yearly fee
  10. Standards Planner–drag-drop resources to customized schedule (free or fee)
  11. Sutori
  12. TEDEd-create lesson plans using TED talks and/or YouTube
  13. TES–create digital lesson plans quickly

Get Lesson Plans

  1. 4th grade STEM curriculum from USC Rossier’s online teaching degree
  2. 110 lesson plans by topic, tool, and grade
  3. AKC–animal-themed lesson plans for grades 6-8
  4. CyArk–geography-based lesson plans
  5. Free lesson plans on many topics
  6. Google Education—lesson plans, more
  7. Hello Ruby–lesson plans on technology
  8. Inexpensive lesson plans on popular topics
  9. TEDEd--great for flipped classrooms
  10. World Wildlife Federation activities

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