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Updated 6-22-16


  1. Animal Adaptations


  1. 3D Toad—3D science study
  2. African animals–research site for these animals
  3. Alphabetimals–learn the alphabet with animal sounds
  4. Animal games
  5. Animal Games II
  6. Animal games II
  7. Animal Games III
  8. Animals
  9. Bembo’s Zoo
  10. BrainPop Jr.
  11. Cockroach—virtual
  12. Herd Tracker–watch the great migrations of East Africa in real time
  13. Shape of Life–videos for download
  14. Snow Leopards--fun video about them
  15. Yellowstone animal migrations--video


  1. Dino Fossils then and now
  2. Dino Games
  3. Dino Games II
  4. Dinosaurs
  5. Dinosaurs II
  6. Dinosaurs V
  7. Dinosaurs VI

endangered animalsEndangered Species

Food Chain

  1. Food Chains


  1. Animal homes
  2. Animal Homes II
  3. Build a habitat
  4. Build a habitat II
  5. Habitat Game
  6. Habitats—match them
  7. Google Earth—endangered animals
  8. Wolves changed the rivers–how re-introducing wolves to Yellowstone Park changed the rivers (a video)

animal tracksLife Cycle

  1. Life Cycles


Virtual tours

  1. Virtual Cockroach


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