Visual Learning

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word cloudUpdated 9-14-20

  1. Animations/movies—Go Animate
  2. Classroom floorplan—architect unit
  3. Coloring pages
  4. Create free activities and diagrams in a Flash!
  5. Crossword Puzzle Maker
  6. Gapminder
  7. Google Public Data Explorer
  8. GunnMap
  9. StatPlanet Map Maker
  10. VisMe–desktop publishing; freemium


Graphic Design

  1. Adobe Spark Post -a great design app that is as good, (or better?) than, Canva.
  2. Desynger – Another template based app in the same vein as Canva and Spark Post.
  3. Word Swag – This app has lots of imitators, but none are as good as the original.
  4. Assembly – Create icons, logos and scenes using a building block approach to design.

Graphic Organizers

  1. Graphic organizers — in Google Drawing
  2. Venn Diagram





  1. Canva


  1. SafeShare.TV--safely share YouTube videos; make the attached stream G rated

Visual Organizers

Word Clouds

  1. CloudArt
  2. Tagul
  3. TagGalaxy–search using a cloud
  4. Word Clouds–by ABCYa
  5. Word Foto–(fee) turn words in works of art
  6. Wordle

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