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Visual Learning

word cloudUpdated 9-14-20

  1. Animations/movies—Go Animate
  2. Classroom floorplan—architect unit
  3. Coloring pages
  4. Create free activities and diagrams in a Flash!
  5. Crossword Puzzle Maker
  6. Gapminder
  7. Google Public Data Explorer
  8. GunnMap
  9. StatPlanet Map Maker
  10. VisMe–desktop publishing; freemium


Graphic Design

  1. Adobe Spark Post -a great design app that is as good, (or better?) than, Canva.
  2. Desynger – Another template based app in the same vein as Canva and Spark Post.
  3. Word Swag – This app has lots of imitators, but none are as good as the original.
  4. Assembly – Create icons, logos and scenes using a building block approach to design.

Graphic Organizers

  1. Graphic organizers — in Google Drawing
  2. Venn Diagram





  1. Canva


  1. SafeShare.TV--safely share YouTube videos; make the attached stream G rated

Visual Organizers

Word Clouds

  1. CloudArt
  2. Tagul
  3. TagGalaxy–search using a cloud
  4. Word Clouds–by ABCYa
  5. Word Foto–(fee) turn words in works of art
  6. Wordle

What’s your learning style

  1. Edutopia’s quiz
  2. North Carolina State University’s learning style quiz

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