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audio Updated 5-25-18

  1. Audacity–free download for Windows, Macs, Linux
  2. AudioPal–records a message that is then embeddable into your website or blog
  3. SpeakPipe Voice Recorder–record directly from browser to your local machine, or on iPhone, iPad
  4. TwistedWave–a browser-based audio file editor
  5. Vocaroo–record yourself, intuitive even for youngers, embeddable; no log-in required
  6. VoiceThread

Chromebooks–try these

  1. MicNote–free download for all platforms or Chromebook app here
  2. Online Voice Recorder–done on website–record, edit, save to your computer; includes video recorder; perfect for Chromebooks
  3. VoiceNote II--recorder for Chromebooks (also a download if you prefer)–speech to text

Audio with other pieces

  1. Little Bird Tales–add voice to student story


  1. Listenwise–listening comprehension for students


  1. BBC Collection of sound effects
  2. Cave sounds–delivered via YT; lots more topics available on this YT channel
  3. Nature Sound Map–sounds in nature around the world
  4. Sound Bible–free sound bites
  5. Sounds–hours of sounds delivered via YT on caves, cities, forests, space, and more
  6. Type “animal sounds” into the Google search bar and get a large variety

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