Updated 6-2-24

  1. Audacity–free download for Windows, Macs, Linux
  2. Audionote – Syncs audio with typed notes so you can hear what was said at any time (app)
  3. AudioPal–records a message that is then embeddable into your website or blog
  4. Audio Memos Free – The Voice Recorder (free with ads or $0.99 without ads) (app)
  5. Beautiful Audio Recorder— record directly from your browser; pretty easy to use with some editing functions
  6. DropVox (fee) (app)
  7. HablaCloud–record directly from the browser using your Chromebook (must download the the ChromeMP3 Recorder); really simple
  8. iTalk Recorder
  9. MicNote–audio recorder and notepad; great for Chromebooks (app)
  10. Online Voice Recorder–runs on Chromebooks, Macs, PC from your browser; few editing features
  11. QuickVoice Recorder (free) (app)
  12. SoundCloud–record and publish with Chromebooks using free accounts (app)
  13. Soundtrap – the multi-platform, cloud based audio editor has a very decent iOS app.
  14. SpeakPipe Voice Recorder–record directly from browser to your local machine, or on iPhone, iPad
  15. TwistedWave–a browser-based audio file editor
  16. Vocaroo–record yourself, intuitive even for youngers, embeddable; no log-in required
  17. Voice Thread–Talk, type, and draw right on the screen (app)

Chromebooks–try these

  1. Online Voice Recorder–done on website–record, edit, save to your computer; includes video recorder; perfect for Chromebooks
  2. VoiceNote II--recorder for Chromebooks (also a download if you prefer)–speech to text

From videos

  1. Garage Band
  2. ScreenPal



  1. Anchor–easy 2-minute podcasts; users can comment video audio also; may be more appropriate for adult use than student
  2. Podbean
  3. Soundtrap–make music and podcasts online, collaboratively
  4. StoryCorps–record interviews; share with everyone
  5. WavePad–create podcasts on iPads


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