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Video Collations

Updated 5-26-18

  1. Academic Earth
  2. Art Babble
  3. Big Think
  4. Bright Science–short videos on various science topics
  5. Check123 — collection of educational videos for teachers and students, all between 1-3 minutes
  6. Clip Syndicate
  7. CNN Student News
  8. Critical Past–original videos from mid-1800’s and forward of amazing events in world history.
  9. C-Span video library
  10. Discovery Channel
  11. ESL BasicsVodeo Collations
  13. FedFlix
  14. Free Video Lectures
  15. Futures Channel
  16. Gooru–thousands of classes available for free
  17. History Channel
  18. Kids Know It Network
  19. King of Math–solve math problems and move up through levels until you’re King; freemium
  20. Math A Tube
  21. Math TV
  22. National Film Board of Canada
  23. National Geographic Video
  24. Next Vista
  25. Patrick JMT–math videos for lots of grade levels
  26. PBS Video
  27. Reactions–short videos on chemistry topicsbusiness ideas handwritten with white chalk on a blackboard
  28. Reuters Video Index
  29. Schoolhouse Rock videos on grammar, history, and civics
  30. School Tube
  31. Snag Films
  32. Teacher Training Videos
  33. Teacher Tube
  34. TED Talks
  35. Untamed Science
  36. USGS Multimedia Gallery
  37. WatchKnow
  38. Wired Science