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Updated 5-8-18


  1. Buncee–drag and drop multimedia onto a canvas to tell a story or presentation
  2. Context Clues Millionaire
  3. Create Reading Excitement with Book Trailers
  4. Main Idea Battleship
  5. Newspapers, posters, comics—learn to create
  6. TED videos that teach writing
  7. Using a table of contents
  8. UTellStory– Create a digital story with photos, video, voice, music and words.
  9. Writing games



Citation Tools

  1. BibMe
  2. Citation Generator
  3. Citation Machine
  4. EasyBib
  5. WriteCite



  1. Penzu

Letter Writing

  1. Friendly Letter Maker
  2. Letter Generator


  1. Adobe Spark–a suite of tools for publishing; see newsletter directions here; see example here
  2. Newspaper template–in PowerPoint


  1. Newspaper template–in PowerPoint


  1. AudioNotes–fee–notepad and voice-recorder; Windows, Mac, iOs, Android
  2. Evernote
  3. Google Keep
  4. NoodleTool–3-step note-taking process that helps students takes notes while they learn the process


  1. OneNote
  2. OmniOutliner –for iPads and online
  3. Workflowy – an online list maker that is shared and collaborative

PDF Editors and Annotators


  1. PlagiarismCheck
  2. Plagiarism Tracker
  3. TurnitIn

Publish Writing


Social Media

  1. Fake headline
  2. Fakebook–fake FB
  3. IFakeText–fake SMS text



Word Processing Programs

  1. Open Office
  2. Scrivener–aimed at writers and film-makers; small fee; desktops and iOS
  3. WPS–full productivity suite, free, for computers, iOS

Writing Review Sites

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