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  1. Excel Next Microsoft Excel courses are designed for those who work regularly with Excel spreadsheets and wish to become familiar with complex functions and features in Excel to reduce their work complexity. Our training method is activity-based to make existing Excel Users comfortable with advanced excel features and commands to increase their productivity. You will learn to use Excel better, faster and more efficiently. Along the way, you will learn how to use various advanced features in Excel so that you can save time and look good in front of your superiors & colleagues.

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  2. There are some great free Excel resources which i think your students will find very beneficial at http://onlineexceltraining.co.uk


    1. An Auto Correcting Excel Workbook that gets students to attempt 7 excel tasks and then generates a report of the student’s Excel Skill levels.

    2. A Free 500 page+ Excel reference guide called “ 625 Excel Questions and Answers”

    3. A Video showing a trained and untrained Excel user doing various excel tasks and how much time can be save by learning Excel.

    I hope they find them useful.

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