Updated 6-4-24

  1. Insert Learning–chrome app; embed questions, discuss
  2. Learning Ally–for struggling readers
  3. Read&Write–for Google Chrome, students write their own content and save as PDFs, share, add more than text
  4. Readorium–help with science reading
  5. ReadWorks Thousands of passages including articles, paired texts, fiction and nonfiction, and more.
  6. Wonderopolis a new article posted each day answering an intriguing question.
  7. Youngzine news articles aimed at upper elementary through high school students.

Behavior and Focus

  1. Ambient Audio tools – Resource Link
  2. Move It – Chrome extension link
  3. uBlock Origin – Chrome extension link

Book collections

  1. Bartleby
  2. Gutenberg Project

Book Reviews (writing)

  1. Book trailer with Adobe Spark
  2. Book trailer with PowerPoint
  3. Choose Your Own Adventure–with Google Slides
  4. Using a timeline and Google Sheets

Close Reading

  1. Actively Learn
  2. Etude Reader
  3. Raz-Kids


  1. Penzu

Lesson Plans

  1. Common Core-aligned lesson plans




Reading Comprehension

Reading Skills

Read Stories

Reading Resources



1st grade


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