kids and computers

Update 9-23-20

These are great lists that cross content lines. Take your time going through them:2nd grade

  1. Computer literacy videos from MacMillan
  2. Digipuzzles–this includes math, topography, Halloween, clocks, counting–all through puzzles. A fun website
  3. Room Recess–colorful, easy to use
  4. ZooWhiz--collection of math, reading word skills and literacy games/learning with a zoo theme–requires registration (free)


  1. Duck Duck Moose–classic topics like Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider
  2. TED Talks
  3. iPads in the classroom–Blooms, Gardners, and more
  4. iPad apps categorized with Bloom’s Taxonomy–Kathy Schrock
  5. a constantly changing list of newly-free apps

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