slideshow 2nd grade

6th grade slideshow

Update 9-20-20

  1. Adobe Spark–add pictures, text, more. For digital storytelling
  2. Adobe Voice–add images, text, music, voice to each slide; turn it into a movie; collaborative
  3. Buncee
  4. Canva–select ‘Presentations’
  5. Google Slides–free with limited access to web-based Google Slides functions
  6. Haiku Deck—visual communication, slideshows
  7. Little Bird Tales–upload drawings, add student voice to them–K, 1 best
  8. MS PowerPoint–free app that aligns with PowerPoint software; no Office 365 subscription required to edit
  9. Peardeck–students can view slidedeck and join the presentation
  10. PowerPoint
  11. PowerPoint–How-to video to record your comments on a slide
  12. Spark video — works on Chromebooks and iOS; add personal narrative, images. Use a story template or start from scratch; creates as slides
  13. SpeakerDeck–upload as PDF; company morphs to slideshow that can be embedded or viewed online
  14. StoryBird—-storytelling with art–beautifulgoogle slides2
  15. StoryJumper–build a book

For Youngers

  1. Build a Jack-o-lantern
  2. Build a Snowman
  3. Storybooks with Google Slides
  4. Turkey Templates

Slideshow Games

  1. In PowerPoint
  2. Jeopardy games in PowerPoint
  3. Slidesmania–templates for games and more
  4. template from Eric Curts
  5. template from Youth Downloads
  6. Create a Family Feud classroom games from this template.

Slideshow Timers

  1. A list of free ones you can create