American History

Updated 12-29-22

  1. America’s Story
  2. Christopher Columbus
  3. Chronicling America–with old newspapers
  4. the Flag–evolution of the American flag
  5. Google Earth tours about American History
  6. Historic speeches
  7. Lewis and Clark–via Google Earth
  8. Mission US
  9. Native American Conflicts
  10. Oregon Trail—virtual tour
  11. Oregon Trail–a browser-based edition
  12. US History for Dummies –– videos
  13. US News Map–the news headlines between 1789 and 1922


  1. America–Colonies
  2. Jamestown Adventure Game
  3. Music of the Plimoth Colony Settlers


  1. American Rev—5 min. summary video
  2. American Revolution
  3. American Revolution Curriculum Materials–from the National Park Service
  4. American Revolution Explained–a fun video
  5. American Revolution videos
  6. Crash Course in US History: American Revolution — video
  7. Google Earth American History tours (including the Revolution)
  8. Images of the Revolutionary War–National Archives
  9. Jamestown Adventure Game
  10. Mission US–Crown or Colony
  11. Museum of the American Revolution virtual tour
  12. Pictures of the American Revolution
  13. Prelude to the Revolution–taxes and smuggling–from Crash Course
  14. Road to Revolution Game
  15. USA Puzzles

Civil War

  1. Civil War I video
  2. Civil War II video
  3. Civil War—reconstruction—video
  4. Civil War–by the Smithsonian; MS and HS; a mystery game while learning about the period (app)
  5. Civil War Today–For less than one penny per day you can experience the war as it unfolded, one day at a time, with daily updates that let you live the events in “real-time” over four years. (app)
  6. Gettysburg Battle app


  1. D-Day through the eyes of a journalist--video


  1. Remembering 9/11 (from 2009)
  2. Great collection of sites about Osama bin Laden, terrorism, and the wars in the Middle East from Larry Ferlazzo.