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kindergarten websites

Updated 5/22/17

Click the category links for more non-grade-specific sites


  1. Make a Monster
  2. Museum of Modern Art


  1. Class Badges–gamify assessment; you decide if this is right for your kindergartners
  2. Kahoot
  3. Varied games to teach academics


  1. Animal homes
  2. Build a habitat
  3. Habitats—match them


  1. Learn to Type—Big Brown Bear
  2. Turtle Diary–audio prompts as well as visual for learning keyboarding


  1. Literacy sites


  1. Math for K
  2. Math Games
  3. Math/LA Videos by grade level
  4. Shapes–YouTube video


  1. Create Music
  2. Music—Quincy and the Magic Instruments


  1. Kindergarten Links—Science, etc.
  2. Ocean Currents—video from NASA
  3. Sid the Scientist


  1. Clock games–many
  2. Clocks
  3. Clocks—set the time–BBC
  4. Time
  5. Time clocks


  1. Word games—k-2
  2. Writing games


  1. ‘I love you’ in languages Afrikaans to Zulu
  2. Counting Money
  3. Edugames at Pauly’s Playhouse
  4. Edugames—drag-and-drop puzzles
  5. Great Websites—can’t get thru all of them
  6. Internet4Classrooms–Kindergarten links
  7. KinderSite—lots of kindergarten websites
  8. Maily–email designed for age 4-?
  9. Mr. Picasso Head
  10. Shapes and colors
  11. The Learning Planet
  12. ZooWhiz--collection of math, reading word skills and literacy games/learning with a zoo theme–requires registration (free)

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  1. Jacqui

    Perfect timing, Marcel. I’ll be updating the pages over the next few months and will blend these in.

  2. Jacqui

    I will be updating links soon. It’s been almost a year. Summer?

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