Best-in-Category Winners: 2018

Every year, I review a large number of websites, apps, and resources that help educators blend technology into their classrooms. I get lots of feedback from readers sharing their experiences, asking questions, and clicking through to see if a particular tool will serve their needs.

But, I often don’t hear how the product worked in the fullness of time so now I ask readers:

  • how dependable is it
  • how versatile is it for time-strapped teachers
  • does it differentiate for the varied needs of students and teacher
  • do educators like it (fairly subjective, but there you have it)
  • how did it work when exposed to your students
  • was it easy to use and intuitive to learn
  • did it fulfill promises and expectations
  • has it become a beloved tool in your classes or a failed experiment

Based on your input, here are the 2018 Best-in-category winners and Honorable Mentions:

Winners: Please grab your award by copy-pasting from this page.

2018 Winners


Winner: FreeTech4Teachers

Honorable Mention:  Alice Keeler


Winner: Google Forms

Honorable Mention: Nearpod

Classroom Management Tool

Winner: Class Dojo

Honorable Mention: Remind



Honorable Mention: Scratch

Digital Notetaking

Winner: Google Keep

Honorable Mention: Notability

Digital Storytelling

Winner:  Adobe Spark

Honorable Mention: Storyboard That!


Winner: Type to Learn

Honorable Mention:  Type Dojo

Learning Management System

Winner: Google Classroom

Honorable Mention: Canvas

Lesson Planning

Winner: Peardeck 

Honorable Mention: CK-12

Math Tool

Winner: Geogebra

Honorable Mention: EquatIO


Winner: ReadWriteThink

Honorable Mention:  CommonLit



Winner: Empatico

Honorable Mention: Kiddom

Special Needs Tools:

Winner: News2You

Honorable Mention:  Open Dyslexic

Video Creation Tools

Winner:  WeVideo

Honorable Mention: YouTube Live

Virtual Classes


Winner: Google Hangouts

Honorable Mention:   Zoom

Writing Tool

Winner: Grammarly

Honorable Mention: Quill

Hearty congratulations to all of our winners! Please grab your image above and display it proudly.