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celebrate Update 6-8-16

Greeting Cards

  1. Big Huge Labs
  2. Buncee
  3. Canva
  4. PicMonkey holiday cards
  5. Storyboard That!


  1. 12 Days of Christmas
  2. Christmas puzzles and games
  3. Christmas—history—fun video
  4. Gift Hunt–updated version of 12 Days of Christmas–just as much fun
  5. Holiday collection

    christmas house

  6. Holiday Crossword
  7. Holiday Elf Games
  8. Holiday Hangman II
  9. Holiday music II–sing along with the music–the site provides the words
  10. Holiday—Design Gingerbread House
  11. Holiday—find the word
  12. Holiday—Math Facts
  13. Holiday—North Pole Academy
  14. Holidays around the world
  15. Holidays–various
  16. Penguin Show
  17. Phone call from Santa
  18. Santa Tracker

Earth Dayearth with the different elements

  1. Breathing earth– the environment
  2. Breathing Earth YouTube Video–of CO2 use, population changes, and more
  3. Conservation Game
  4. Earth Day—NASA Ocean Currents
  5. Earth Day Printables
  6. Eco-friendly house
  7. Ecotourism Simulation–for grades 4 and above
  8. EekoWorld
  9. Electrocity
  10. Footprint calculator
  11. History of Earth Day–lots of reading
  12. Michael Michael Go Recycle
  13. My Garbology
  14. Starfall — Every Day is Earth Day
  15. Storyboard That! Earth Day lesson plans


  1. Easter color-me (for Kindergarten/first grade)
  2. Easter Color Me to print or import to drawing program
  3. Easter games II
  4. Easter games III
  5. Easter games IV
  6. Easter poems and songs (to play online)
  7. Easter Puppies–video
  8. Easter puzzles and games
  9. Easter songs for kids
  10. Easter story--the Easter Egg–video
  11. Easter Word hunt (Starfall)

Groundhog Day

  1. Groundhog Day Games

Halloweenhalloween jackolanten anger expression

  1. Ben & Jerry
  2. Billy Bear’s
  3. Carving Pumpkins
  4. Enchanted Learning
  5. Halloween games, puzzles–clean, easy to understand website and few ads!
  6. Halloween ghost stories
  7. Meddybemps Spooky
  8. Pumpkin Toss
  9. Signing Halloween–a video
  10. Skelton Park
  11. The Kidz Page


  1. Puzzles and games from Digipuzzle

July 4th

  1. Bet You Didn’t Know (video)
  2. Constitution Facts
  3. Group activity
  4. History of July 4th
  5. Independence Day around the world
  6. July 4th videos
  7. July 4th vocabulary activities
  8. Teacher Resources


  1. Kwanzaa games and puzzles

Martin Luther King Day

  1. 2 lesson plans

Memorial Day

  1. Folding the American flag
  2. In Flanders Field--poem
  3. Memorial Day Messages, Speeches, Oaths, Poems, Anthems, and images
  4. Memorial Day Poems
  5. Memorial Day Poetry–poems
  6. Memorial Day Prayer
  7. Memorial Day puzzle I
  8. Memorial Day Puzzle II
  9. Memorial Day DigitPuzzle
  10. Memorial Day Quiz
  11. Memorial Day Word Search
  12. Primary source recollections of War
  13. Quotes about Memorial Day/Wars
  14. Who you are remembering–Americans killed in action

Mother’s Day

Pi Day

  1. Find your Pi Day--where is your birthday in the endless numbers of Pi? Created by Wolfram
  2. Music created with Pi — addictive song
  3. Pi Day WebQuest

President’s Day

  1. Activities
  2. Background
  3. BrainPop President videos
  4. Games and online activities
  5. Google explores Presidents–their lives, homes, pets
  6. History and background
  7. Learn about each President
  8. More activities
  9. President for a Day!
  10. President Lincoln interactive iBook
  11. President videos–60-second videos as introductions to different historical figures
  12. Webquest


  1. Life Cycle I
  2. Life Cycle II
  3. Spring Games
  4. Spring Games II
  5. Spring Garden–click to find flowers
  6. Spring Word Search
  7. Spring Word Scramble

St. Patrick’s DaySt Patricks Day dogs

  1. Color the shamrock
  2. Color the Pot-o-gold
  3. Color the leprechaun
  4. Puzzle–St. Pat’s Puzzle
  5. Puzzle–St. Pat’s puzzle II
  6. Puzzle–St. Pat’s drag-and-drop puzzle
  7. Puzzle–St. Pat’s slide puzzle
  8. Puzzles and games
  9. St. Pat’s math
  10. St. Patrick’s Day history–video
  11. St. Pat’s Day songs–video
  12. Tic tac toe
  13. Webquest for St. Patrick’s Day I
  14. Webquest II
  15. Wordsearch


  1. Puzzles


  1. Canadian Thanksgiving
  2. Online/Offline Thanksgiving activities
  3. Plimoth Plantation–a field trip of a Pilgrim’s life. Included on this real-life site is a video of the Pilgrim’s crossing to the New World.
  4. Starfall–Silly Turkey
  5. Thanksgiving edu-websites–CybraryMan
  6. Thanksgiving Games
  7. Thanksgiving games and puzzles
  8. Thanksgiving games–Quia
  9. Thanksgiving information–history, more
  10. Thanksgiving Jigsaw
  11. Thanksgiving Jigsaw II
  12. Thanksgiving Lesson Plans
  13. Thanksgiving Tic-tac-toe
  14. Thanksgiving video–Brainpop
  15. Thanksgiving Wordsearch
  16. The First Thanksgiving


  1. Dress up the heart
  2. ‘I love you’ in languages Afrikaans to Zulu
  3. Line up the hearts
  4. Valentine games and puzzles
  5. Valentine Day games and stories
  6. Valentine Day poem generator
  7. Valentine drag-and-drop
  8. Valentine match
  9. Valentine mouse skills
  10. Valentine projects from Winter Wonderland
  11. Valentine puppy jigsaw
  12. Valentine rebus game
  13. Valentine rebuses
  14. Valentine Sudoku
  15. Valentine tic-tac-toe
  16. Valentine typing
  17. Valentine unscramble
  18. Valentine’s Day apps
  19. Write in a heart

Click for 16 Holiday Lesson Plans (each adaptable to multiple holidays)

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