Updated 9-29-23

  1. Easy CBM
  2. Educreations–video a whiteboard explanation of how students are completing a task (app)
  3. Edulastic–formative assessments; work on any devices (app)
  4. Flip — record a video question from your desktop; add attachments; students respond from the app with their answer and decorations; appears as a grid of answers to the question (app)–click for a how-to from Richard Byrne
  5. Flubaroo (app)
  6. Gimkit–gamified assessment, like Kahoot; freemium
  7. Go Formative (app)
  8. Google Forms (app)
  9. Kahoot–quiz-show-like format (app)
  10. Socrative (app)
  11. Stick Around–turn questions into puzzles (app)


  1. Flubaroo
  2. Kaizena–add audio and video notes to submitted assignments; add-on


  1. BloomBoard–badges for teacher PD
  2. Credly
  3. Open Badges

Class Review

  1. Digital Breakouts–review or assessment in a gamelike format; includes mostly history, but other topics; high school
  2. Kahoot–with a new team mode
  3. Quizlet Live–students join with a code, break into teams, and are quizzed on a Quizlet

Common Core Prep

  1. ReadyTest AtoZ--from RAZ Kids, freemium


  1. Flippity–make flashcards in Google Spreadsheets
  2. GoConqr–flash cards, quizzes, notes, more


  1. Gradescope (from Turnitin)
  2. Paperscorer–create quiz in Google Forms, grade it through Paperscorer
  3. Planbook–online lesson planning and gradebook


Peer Review

  1. PeerGrade–automate the process


SAT/ACT Online Resources

Warm-up/Exit Tickets


  1. The Crossing–attempts to cross a gorge; some fail; all result in success

5 thoughts on “Assessments

  1. Hi Jacqui,

    If you’re open to suggestions, I think our tool would be a great fit to add to the list on this page.
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  2. Hi Jacqui,

    I believe our online tool would be a great addition to your list!
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    Thank you!

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