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History (HS)

Updated 9-22-19

  1. Ancient Civilizations–a game
  2. Digital History
  3. French Revolution to music
  5. the History Cat
  6. History Central
  7. The History Engine–free class setup for colleges
  9. The History Place
  10. Media History Project
  11. Mission US–games to learn about the Dust Bowl, the Civil Right movement (coming), the Japanese incarceration (coming), City of immigrants
  12. National Archives Daily Document
  13. National WWII Museum
  14. Naval History and Heritage YouTube Channel
  15. On This Day in History
  16. PBS History videos
  17. Playing History--games on all sorts of historic topics; may be young for HS or perfect
  18. Primary Source Documents
  19. Smithsonian Source–Primary source documents
  20. That Was History–videos on world history
  21. Timelapse–watch the world change over time
  22. Timelines–select timelines in world history
  23. US National Archives

US History

  1. American Panorama–an atlas of US history
  2. American Revolution History
  3. American Revolution videos
  4. Crash Course: US History (videos)
  5. Docs Teach–primary source documents on the American Revolution
  6. History Place: American Revolution
  7. Library of Congress: American Revolution
  8. Primary Documents in American History

World History

  1. BBC History (world)
  2. Crash Course: World History (videos)
  3. Critical Past–original videos from mid-1800’s and forward of amazing events in world history
  4. French Revolution — TEDEd lesson plan
  5. World History Teacher YouTube channel