rap space song

Updated 5-26-24


  1. DIY Sun Science
  2. Earth Song (video)
  3. GoSkyWatchP–Easily and quickly identify and locate stars, planets, constellations and more by simply pointing to the sky
  4. NASA Kids Club
  5. NASA Selfies
  6. Planet sizes–compared
  7. Samorost—problem solving
  8. Satellites—build a satellite
  9. The  Scale  of  the  universe
  10. The Size of Space
  11. Solar system
  12. Solar system–3D
  13. Space sounds
  14. Space Websites
  15. Space—write your name in galaxies
  16. To Scale: The Solar System–a video


  1. Mars
  2. Mars is a Real Place–visit via VR


  1. Apollo 11: Countdown to Launch via Google Earth
  2. Apollo 11 VR
  3. Google Moon–see the Moon in 3D with your Google Earth app
  4. How we are going to the Moon–video
  5. If the Moon Were Only One Pixel…
  6. JFK Challenge — takes kids to the Apollo 11
  7. NASA’s Musical Playlist–88 million viewers of 188 songs
  8. Moon Phase Simulation Viewed from Earth and Space (interactive, elementary and middle school)—and associated Lesson Plan
  9. Observing the Moon in the Sky (interactive, elementary)
  10. Moonrise to Moonset (media gallery, elementary)