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Review Your Product

I do a lot of product reviews for my readers. That includes

  • websites
  • apps
  • books
  • classes
  • real hands-on products like Chromebooks and microphones.

Here are links to some of my product reviews.

Here are links to freelance articles I’ve written that include a product as evidence, authentically in an education environment.

Products I review are always those that serve the tech ed community, that will help to integrate technology into the classroom and/or make the teacher’s job easier. Here are guidelines:

  • I will not review a product which I don’t have experience using. That means I have to spend enough time to reach a comfort level with it. I will not endorse it unless I like it.
  • I don’t accept unsolicited guest posts from commercial enterprises. If  you’re interested in offering a guest post or having me write one, please use the contact form below.
  • My recommendations are my personal recommendations – not the school’s.
  • If you are an advertiser on AATT, I’ll still write a review of your product–and it’ll still be honest!

Reviews can vary from:

Unfortunately, the business end of reviewing–running a blog, supporting teachers in their work–requires money. So, if you’re interested in me covering your product on my blog, please help me defray costs associated with writing, researching, and publishing the articles so I can offer my resources free to readers.

  • Articles run between $100 and $350 depending upon whether I write it or you do and how involved you want it
  • More sales-y but a bit less expensive and a more visible presence–sponsor my blog by putting a square in my sidebar
  • Fund a grant for a needy school. I’m always (always) looking for businesses who will underwrite that program. There’s never enough.

If this fits your interests, please contact me using the contact form below:

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