Social Media

twitter in the classroom

Updated 1-13-24
professional learning network

  1. #Hashtag You’re It–video; your hashtags may reveal more than you think
  2. 10 Social Media-inspired Learning Activities--no accounts required; from Ditch That Textbook
  3. How is Social Media Transforming the Future of Education? — As technology advances, traditional methods of learning and instruction are being challenged. Can we learn a complex subject? A video–the first minute will shock you.
  4. SMS Generator–fake SMS messages through ClassTools
  5. Social Media Revolution–video; great music–over 3 million views–don’t miss this one
  6. Spot the Troll–recognize fake SM accounts
  7. Teaching and Learning in the Age of Social Media–a TEDx Talks video
  8. When is your brain ready for Social Media? –video; good presenter; good for kids; part of a series of videos on SM

For kids

  1. Messenger Kids