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Updated 9-11-20

  1. Art Online
  2. BigHuge Labs
  3. Image Edited? Check here
  4. PhotoCube

3D Modeling (app)

  1. Morphi— for iPads, Mac, Windows
  2. Sculpt+–free app
  3. Tinkercad–another great app from Autodesk

Animations (apps)

  1. Doink Animation
  2. Doink Greenscreen
  3. iMotion
  4. Sketchbook Motion–add movement to art
  5. Stop Motion Studio


  1. Art—Make a monster
  2. Clay animations
  3. Mr. Picassa Head

Coloring Book (apps)

  1. ABC Color–color letters with fill or paint brush
  2. Paint Sparkles Draw–free; lots of coloring pages, but maybe too many ads
  3. Thanksgiving coloring book


Lesson Plans

  1. Bundle of 5 lesson plans to teach art


  1. Google Art Project--visit worldwide museums
  2. National Gallery of Art—for kids
  3. Sistine Chapel


Pixel Art

  1. ASCII art picture generator–instant
  2. ASCII Art Text Generator
  3. Directions from Eric Curts

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