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sponsorship opportunitiesI do accept tech ed related sponsors that are reputable with child-friendly goals and standards that don’t contradict my message. It is not an endorsement on my part, merely a sharing of information with my readers.

You can participate five ways:
  1. Sidebar Sponsor-placement of your logo and link for an agreed-upon period of time in the blog sidebar. Additionally, once a month, I’ll share an update on your product with my readers (which you write).
  2. Premium Sponsorship--includes a review of your tech ed product, a newsletter article and placement of your logo for an agreed-upon period of time in the blog sidebar
  3. Premium Plus Sponsorship–includes everything in the Premium program as well as a push out to social media for multiple weeks
  4. Influencer or Ambassador–includes articles, social media and more; customized to your needs
  5. Sponsor an article I’m writing (with a discrete byline and link at the bottom)

As part of the sidebar and premium sponsorship, we alert our readers about updates to your technology-in-education product. It’ll be a quick announcement on our blog using information you send us.

Please contact me with form below or email me at: askatechteacher@gmail.com.

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