Copyrights and Digital Law

Updated 1-13-24

  1. Charts and Tools, Academic and Educational Permissions, and Copyright FAQs.–from Stanford University
  2. Copyright & Creativity for Ethical Digital Citizens, — a video from the Internet Education Foundation
  3. Copyright Basics for Faculty–from Washburn University
  4. Copyright for Teachers–a Webinar
  5. Copyrights–BrainPop video
  6. Copyright and Fair Use–Common Sense Media video
  7. Copyright law curriculum
  8. Crash Course in Copyright and Intellectual Property
  9. Curricula for different age groups
  10. Downloading Music Illegally
  11. Edublog’s Complete Copyright Guide
  12. Measuring Fair Use–Four Factors
  13. Take the mystery out of copyrights–by the Library of Congress
  14. Teaching Copyright
  15. Videos on licensing, copyrights, more (from Creative Commons)
  16. What is Digital Law

Image copyright

  1. Google Images—reverse image search (drop an image onto the page and search)
  2. Image Edited? Check here
  3. Tineye—reverse image search

Lesson Plan: Image Copyright Dos and Don’ts