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Updated 4-18-18geography

  1. 2-minute geology
  2. BatchGeo—map locations
  3. Breathing earth–the environment
  4. Continents explained (with humor)
  5. Dig hole through the earth with Google Earth
  6. Digipuzzles
  7. Dynamic Earth–interactive
  8. Earth science animations
  9. Earth Science Digital Library
  10. Geologic movies–great and fun
  11. Geology
  12. Learn the states
  13. Ology Sites


  1. Jungle survival
  2. Survive a rainforest

In the Desert

  1. Desert survival
  2. Canyon obstacle

In the Mountains

  1. Survive a snowstorm
  2. An avalanche
  3. How to find water
  4. How to avoid hypothermia

In the Prairies

  1. How to find dinner
  2. How to send a smoke signal

In the Ocean

  1. Survive a shipwreck


  1. Fear—Man vs. Wild
  2. How to survive anything
  3. Man vs. Wild—the game
  4. Survive in the woods

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2 Responses to Geography/Geology

  1. Marcel van de Wouw

    Hi Jacqui,

    Here a link to my topography/geography games


    • Jacqui

      Perfect timing, Marcel. I’ll be updating the pages over the next few months and will blend these in.

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