earth day

Updated 8-28-21

  1. 2-minute geology
  2. Atlas–Barefoot World Atlas is an interactive 3D globe for iPad
  3. BatchGeo—map locations
  4. Breathing earth–the environment
  5. Continents explained (with humor)
  6. Dig hole through the earth with Google Earth
  7. Digipuzzles
  8. forecast weather in any place around the world by typing “forecast for ***”
  9. Geography Activities—for teachers
  10. Geography Duel–two players see who knows the most geography trivia (app)
  11. Geologic movies–great and fun
  12. Globe of Extremes–extreme location around the globe, like the deepest trench
  13. Google Earth Timelapse–what changes to the planet over time
  14. Learn the states
  15. Ology Sites
  16. Statetris–like Tetris, but instead of blocks, put the states or countries in their proper position (app)


  1. Jungle survival
  2. Survive a rainforest

In the Desert

  1. Desert survival
  2. Canyon obstacle

In the Mountains

  1. Survive a snowstorm
  2. How to find water
  3. How to avoid hypothermia

In the Prairies

  1. How to find dinner
  2. How to send a smoke signal

In the Ocean

  1. Survive a shipwreck


  1. How to survive anything
  2. Man vs. Wild—the game
  1. Survive in the woods

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