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If you’re worrying about preparing students for online assessments, here are a wide variety of resources that teach keyboarding–from games to drills to everything in between:

  1. ABCYa–Keyboard challenge—grade level
  2. Alphabet rain game
  3. Alpha Quick–how quickly can a student type the alphabet?
  4. Barracuda game
  5. Big Brown Bear
  6. Bubbles game
  7. Digipuzzles–6 keyboarding practice games for youngers
  8. Edutyping–fee-based
  9. Free typing tutorlearn keyboarding
  11. KAZ–speed typing in 90 minutes
  12. Keyboard practice—quick start
  13. Keyboarding—more lessons
  14. NitroType
  15. TIPP 10
  16. Touch Typing Progressive Program
  17. Typaphone–make music while you type
  18. TypeDojo — word lists, 10-key, and more
  19. Typesy
  20. Typing Arena–lots of games to teach typing
  21. Typing Mentor
  22. Typing Pal
  23. Typing Tournament
  24. Typing.IO–typing code for practice

Graduated programs

For iPads

  1. Ghost Type
  2. Tap Fun Lite
  3. Tap Typing
  4. Typing Tournament–with teacher dashboard; includes games; fee
  5. Typetastic–also for computers

By row


  1. Typesy

For Special Needs

Typing test

Lesson Plans

  1. 4 lesson plans–bundled
  2. Homeschool Keyboarding Kit
  3. K-5 Curriculum
  4. K-8 Curriculum
  5. Keyboarding and the Scientific Method
  6. Middle School Curriculum

19 thoughts on “Keyboarding

  1. I’d like to find someone to come to my kids school and teach a keyboarding class in la. Do you know anyone?

    1. I don’t know anyone in Louisiana who could do that. I do have an online class for students–you can look at. It includes teachers manuals, student workbooks, and videos for students. Here’s the link. Please note: If you buy the student workbooks, you get the videos and teacher manuals for free.

      This is intended as a student-paced, student-directed keyboarding course that fits into any curriculum

    1. How funny–I read la as Louisiana!

      Can you provide a few details? There are kid’s tech groups who do that–for a fee. Are you looking for a teacher? A volunteer? During school or after?

  2. Thanks! I was looking for someone to come to our school in Hollywood and teach an after school class one day a week for some kids. I may have found someone. It’s just that they won’t do it if they are on their own, no matter how fun they make the games. And, no, not a volunteer. I found one tech group that I am researching now. Thanks!

    1. I already added it. I love finding keyboarding resources that teach one row at a time. Too often, programs start with home row and then it’s a free-for-all. Some teachers like more order in their instruction.

      You’ll see it on this list.

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