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Updated 1-8-23

Here is research that you might find useful as you analyze factors in education success:

This is a work-in-process. Please–suggest research so I can incorporate it!

Class size

  1. Getting Beneath the Veil of Effective Schools: Evidence from New York City (National Bureau of Economic Research)–traditional success measures–including class size–do not correlate to school effectiveness
  2. class size   class size














  1. Handwriting Matters; cursive doesn’t

Keyboarding: General

  1. Comparison if keyboarded and handwritten scripts

Note-taking (Digital vs. Handwritten)

  1. Study shows handwritten notes benefit students more
  2. Take notes by hand--data from research

Overall Educational Achievement

  1. PISA–Programme for International Student Achievement–2012 results

Parent Involvement in Education

  1. Parent Involvement: The Key To Improved Student Achievement
  2. A multivariate examination of parent involvement and the social and academic competencies of urban kindergarten children



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