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Updated 4-13-181056140_3d_plastic_numbers_with_alpha

  1. Adding Decimals
  2. Braingenie
  3. CK12 Math help
  4. Count us in—variety of math practice
  5. EquatIO (Texthelp)–free for teachers; integrates into Canvas
  6. Good Calculators
  7. King of Math (app)
  8. Learn Multiplication facts—for fun
  9. Math Basics Plus
  10. Math Concepts—games, etc.
  11. Math edutainment
  12. Mathematica–from Wolfram Alpha; desktop, cloud, and mobile device
  13. Math Facts–auto test and grade students
  14. Math for K
  15. Math Minutes
  16. Math practice—requires subscription
  17. Math Science Music
  18. Math skills links
  19. MathTweets
  20. Mathway–make printable worksheets
  21. Operation Order – Funbrain
  22. Order of Operations
  23. Polyup–thinking with math grades 1-HS; web or Google CR
  24. TED talk on math and computers
  25. TEDEd talks on math
  26. Thinking Blocks (app)
  27. Transum Math
  28. Virtual Manipulatives
  29. XPMath–teacher guides, math games for lots of ages; aligned with CC
  30. XtraMath–master basic math facts
  31. Yummy Math–math in the news


  1. Algebra curriculum (pretty thorough but might be dated)


  1. Math art



  1. Khan Academy brain teasers
  2. Khan Academy–turn on the lights
  3. Khan Academy–alien abduction




Lesson Plans

  1. Common Core-aligned
  2. Math bundle for K-8
  3. Mathalicious–teach with real-world situations; lesson plans for older students

Math Apps

Math Facts

  1. Math Duel–duel against a friend while learning math facts (app)
  2. Sushi Monster–math facts from Scholastic (app)

Math Programs


  1. It’s My Life:
  2. Making Money
  3. Money: Offline Activities


  1. Number concepts
  2. Number Nut Math Games
  3. Number Order
  4. Ones, tens, hundreds

Number Square

  1. Build a number square
  2. Find Owl’s Friends–number square
  3. Happy Numbers
  4. Hundred Square (app)
  5. Mend the Number Square



Word Problems

  1. Math and Logic Problems
  2. Thinking Blocks–free (app)
  3. Word and logic problems
  4. Word problems–type them in, Wolfram/Alpha provides the answer and the how-to. Amazing.

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  1. Josh

    Thank you for featuring our free website We thought would be a great addition to this helpful list as well. Best of luck with Ask a Tech Teacher!

  2. Igor

    Nice list! Please consider include

  3. Subbalakshmi Kumar

    Nice list! Please consider include

  4. Marcel van de Wouw

    Hi Jacqui,

    Here a link to my math games


    • Jacqui

      Perfect timing, Marcel. I’ll be updating the pages over the next few months and will blend these in.

  5. Ritika Aggarwal

    Hi Jacqui provides mathematics content upto K-12 level in a chapterwise format. It would be a good addition to your nice list. 🙂


  6. Jatin

    Hi Jacqui

    We have a website https://physicscatalyst,com .It has very organized content for Science and Maths fom Grade 6 to Grade 12. Please do check it. it would good addition to your list


  7. diferença entre NCERT Point

    NCERT Point is also educational website which provides NCERT Solutions

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