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Updated 9-19-18

Quick, safe spots to send your students for research:

  1. BrainPop–with the BrainPop characters, a launchpad to curiosity
  2. CoolKidFacts–kid-friendly videos, pictures, info, and quizzes–all 100% suitable for children
  3. CyberSleuth Kids–free kid-friendly graphics
  4. Dimensions–academic research geared for college-level
  5. Fact Monster–help with homework and facts
  6. History Channel–great speeches
  7. How Stuff Works–the gold standard in explaining stuff to kids
  8. Info Please–events cataloged year-by-year
  9. Internet Library–for kids, from the Indianapolis Public Library
  10. Library Spot–extensive collection of kid’s research tools
  11. National Geographic for Kids
  12. SchoolsWorld.TV--an eclectic collection of educational videos
  13. Smartspin–a different kind of encyclopedia
  14. Smithsonian Quest–sign up your class; student research/explore with the Smithsonian
  15. SqoolTube Videos–educational videos for preK-12
  16. TagGalaxy–search using a cloud
  17. Wild Wordsmyth–picture dictionary for kids
  18. World Almanac for Kids
  19. World Book–requires membership
  20. Zanran–statistics and data research

Citing Resources

  1. BibMe
  2. Citation Machine
  3. EasyBib

Kids Search Engines

  1. Kiddle–visual search engine for kids
  2. Kid Rex
  3. Kidtopia
  4. Quintura for Kids

How to Research

  1. A Google A Day
  2. How to Search on Google
  3. Power Searching (with Google)
  4. Teaching students to search/research
  5. Internet Search and Research–a lesson plan for K-8


  1. Photos for Class
  2. Pics4Learning


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