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Updated 6-6-17

Quick, safe spots to send your students for research:980336_non_gode_limmunita_ecclesias

  1. BrainPop
  2. Citation Machine
  3. CoolKidFacts–kid-friendly videos, pictures, info, and quizzes–all 100% suitable for children
  4. CyberSleuth Kids
  5. Dictionary
  6. Digital Vaults–research a topic, curate resources
  7. Encyclopedia Interactica–visual encyclopedias
  8. Fact Monster
  9. History Channel–great speeches
  10. How Stuff Works
  11. Info Please
  12. Insta-Grok
  13. Internet Library
  14. KidsConnect–Kids research
  15. Library Spot
  16. National Geographic for Kids
  17. SchoolsWorld.TV--educational videos
  18. Smithsonian Quest–sign up your class; student research/explore with the Smithsonian
  19. SqoolTube Videos
  20. TagGalaxy–search using a cloud
  22. World Almanac for Kids
  23. World Book
  24. Zanran–statistics and data research

Kids Search Engines

  1. Kiddle
  2. Kid Rex

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