Updated 8-28-21

  1. Pic Collage Kids – a safe, fun, collage app that is very versatile (app)
  2. Annotate – Handy editing tools like crop, draw, arrows, text, emoji and blur (app)
  3. Noun Project–icons and images–millions, curated by the public (app)
  4. Photoshop Lightroom – the mobile version of Adobe’s Lightroom editor (app)
  5. Pixelmator – a powerful, full-featured, layer-based image editor (app)
  6. Superimpose – create superimposed or juxtaposed photos on your iPad


Holiday Images

Kid-safe image websites

  1. National Gallery of Art–for kids
  2. PhotosForClass
  3. Pictures for Learning
  4. Smithsonian Wild–200,000 animal pictures!

Image Editing


  1. ImgFlip
  2. Meme Buddy
  3. Meme Templates

Adding multimedia

  1. Comic Book–make a comic book out of your images (app)
  2. PhotoVideo Collage –mix photos and videos into an attractive collage
  3. PicCollage–photos, stickers, frames, text to create a collage (app)
  4. PicSay– Color-correct your pictures and add word balloons, titles, graphics, and effects like distortion (app)
  5. Talk n Photo–add a photo and append audio over it, explaining the photo (app)
  6. Thinglink–make photos interactive–available to <13 yo, no email required (app)

Photoshop Help

Public-domain pictures

Using Images

Lesson Plan: Copyright Do’s and Don’ts

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