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1st Grade

1st gradeBe sure to click the heading links for more websites

Updated 5-27-16


  1. Alphabetic order


  1. Animal Games
  2. Animal Games II
  3. Animal homes
  4. Animal Homes II
  5. BrainPop Jr–animals
  6. Build a Neighborhood
  7. Dino Fossils then and now


  1. Make a Monster
  2. Museum of Modern Art


  1. Clocks
  2. Clocks II

Coins and Counting Money

  1. Brain Pop Learn about Money
  2. Cash Out
  3. Cashtivity
  4. Coin Counting
  5. Coin games—from US Mint
  6. Count Money
  7. Counting Money
  8. Face on money
  9. Face on money–from Lunapic; lots of options
  10. Finance for Kids
  11. Make change
  12. Money—counting
  13. Money flashcards
  14. Moneyville
  15. Money Flashcards–APlus Math
  16. Mr. Bouncy’s Money collection–lots of websites
  17. US Mint virtual tour (a slideshow)

Critical Thinking

  1. Curiosityville
  2. Game Goo—wacky games that teach
  3. Games to teach mouse skills, problem-solving
  4. Games to teach problem-solving skills
  5. UptoTen
  6. Zoopz–games that make you think


  1. Eco-friendly house
  2. EekoWorld
  3. Forest—Walk Through a Forest
  4. Home of the Future
  5. My Garbology
  6. Rainforest collection
  7. Rainforest Websites Videos
  8. Rainforest—3 games
  9. Rainforest—Jungle Journey


  1. Egyptians Madlibs
  2. Greeks-Romans
  3. Greeks–Primary grades
  4. Pharaoh’s Tomb
  5. Starfall Greek Myths
  6. Trojan War(to Tainted Love)


  1. Groundhog Day Games
  2. Holiday Elf Games
  3. Holiday hangman
  4. Holiday Hangman II
  5. Holiday—Design a Gingerbread House
  6. Holiday—match game
  7. Holiday—Math Facts
  8. Holiday—North Pole Academy
  9. Where is Santa?


  1. Brown Bear Typing
  2. Online typing practice


  1. Language—parts of speech


  1. Math Games
  2. Number concepts
  3. Number Order
  4. SumDog—free reg
  5. Wild on Math—simple to use

Mouse Skills

  1. Bees and Honey
  2. MiniMouse1183938_stylized_mouse
  3. Mouse and tech basics–video
  4. Mouse practice—drag, click
  5. Mouse skills
  6. Mouse Song
  7. Mr. Picasso Head
  8. OwlieBoo–mouse practice
  9. Wack-a-gopher (no gophers hurt in this)


  1. Digipuzzles–great puzzles for geography, nature, and holidaysjigsaw
  2. Jigsaw Planet–create your own picture jigsaw
  3. Jigsaw puzzles
  4. Jigzone–puzzles
  5. Jigsaw Puzzles–JS


  1. Aesop Fables—no ads
  2. Aesop’s Fables–audio and visual
  3. Audio stories—read by actors
  4. Audio stories—speakaboos
  5. Childhood Stories
  6. Children’s Stories–MagicKey
  7. Classic Fairy Tales
  8. Clifford
  9. Fairy Tales and Fables
  10. Fairy Tales–signed
  11. Interactive storybook collection
  12. Listen/read–Free non-fic audio books
  13. Mighty Book
  14. Reading games
  15. Starfall
  16. Stories from PBS
  17. Stories—MeeGenius—read/to me

Word Study

  1. Geography—find messages  around the world
  2. Hangman
  3. Word games—k-2


  1. Comic Builder
  2. Create a story
  3. Make Believe Comix
  4. Talking cards–type words in and the card talks
  5. Writing games


  1. Edugames at PBS
  2. Edugames from BBC
  3. Great Websites—can’t get thru all
  4. Magic Schoolbu

6 Responses to 1st Grade

  1. Michelle

    I was so disappointed that Kerpoof will no longer be available as a website!

  2. Dee Martin

    I have been using he paint program on ABCya its ok. I really miss TuxPaint, but we have chromebooks now!

    • Jacqui

      I’m surprised TuxPaint hasn’t come up with an app yet. Thanks for letting me know what you’re using. I’m going to check that out.

  3. Gail

    I used Kerpoof extensively with Kdg-2nd. Started using Wixi after Kerpoof closed it’s doors. Wixi is even better, as student work is automatically saved, I can make templates and assign them to classes. There are other great features. There is a small fee, however. It is worth it though.

    • Jacqui

      Don’t you need Pixie to use Wixi? I looked at their app and it does look great. Much better than KidPix’s app.

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