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Internet Safety

Internet safety

  1. Brainpop—online safety
  2. Clicky’s internet safety
  3. Clicky’s Netsmart Kids
  4. Clickys’s II Netsmart Kids
  5. Computer safety
  6. Digital Safety– Informational guide to staying safe online, includes search engine safety, scams, and identity theft.
  7. Faux Paws Internet SafetyInter
  8. Garfield internet safety
  9. Hector’s World Internet safety videos
  10. Internet safety
  11. Internet safety Dance Video
  12. Internet safety games
  13. Internet safety quiz
  14. Internet Safety Undersea Adventure
  15. Internet safety video–day in digcit’s life
  16. Internet safety videos
  17. Internet safety—BrainPop Jr
  18. Internet safety–read-to-you book
  19. Mirror Image–free download–about answering an online modeling job–7/8th grade
  20. My Online Neighborhood–video by CommonSense Media
  21. Netsmart KidsOnline Safety
  22. Netsmart Kids–the Princess
  23. NetSmartKids–read-to-you–net safety
  24. Netsmartz internet safety rap
  25. NSTeens
  26. Online Safety Quiz
  27. Online Safety Quiz II
  28. Online safety video
  29. Safe surfing ebook—read to you
  30. Safe tech use–video
  31. Safety Land game
  32. Survivors on Online Treachery
  33. Teens Talk Back
  34. These six videos from kids like you
  35. Welcome to the Web