Digital Portfolios

digital portfolio

Updated 9-12-21

  1. Digital portfolio–Digication–fee-based
  2. Digital portfolios–with Google Sites–Googlio
  3. Evernote–add files, organize in categories
  4. Flipboard–a magazine format (this is for tablet use only)
  5. Google Drive
  6. Live Binders
  7. PearlTrees—share bookmarks, etc
  8. Portaportal–collect bookmarks; fee-based allows images and more
  9. PortfolioGen
  10. SeeSaw–from any device; student-driven, no UN and PWs required–join with a class code; easy enough for young learners; can include parents; can add folders to student accounts
  11. Spaces–share materials and interact with each other.
  12. Symbaloo—organize bookmarks
  13. VoiceThread–add images/files, annotate with voice comments
  14. WordPress–use blogs for e-porfolios