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Digital Citizenship

Update 9-16-20


Copyrights and Digital Laws


  1. Applied Digital Skills–all tech skills
  2. Common Sense media
  3. Google’s Be Internet Awesome–abbreviated course
  4. K-8, scaffolded, Ask a Tech Teacher (with projects)



  1. Cyber Patriot program–by the Air Force


Digital Footprints

Digital Privacy

Digital rights and responsibilities

  1. Digital Passport
  2. Digital rights—sharing info

Digital Search and Research


  1. Email Etiquette for Students (video)

Fact Checking

  1. Web Literacy for Students Fact Checker–a free online book

Fair use/Public domain

  1. A Fair(y) Use Tale

Image Copyrights


Internet Hoaxes–Fact vs. Fake

Internet Safety

Lesson Plans

  1. K-8 Curriculum
  2. Be Internet Awesome
  3. Common Sense Curriculum
  4. Planet Nutshell NetSafe




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Social Media


For a complete Digital Citizenship curriculum for K-8 with 17 topics. 46 lessons. 46 projects. A year-long curriculum that covers everything you need to discuss on internet safety and efficiency, check out K-8 Digital Citizenship Curriculum.

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