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Economics and Finance

economicsUpdated 4-18-18

As a passionate Economics major in college (which grew into an MBA), I find Econ at the root of much of the world around us. It starts with counting coins in first and second grade and grows up to a peek into NASDAQ and other adult subjects in middle school.

Here are my favorite websites:

Coins and Money



Financial Literacy

  1. Budget Challenge
  2.–finances for K-12
  3. Financial Literacy for High School Students–a course
  4. Financial Literacy Quizzes–in a variety of financial topics for high schoolers
  5. General Financial Literacy Course–an online course in meeting financial literacy needs
  6. Life on Minimum Wage (a game)
  7. Personal Finance for MS
  8. Practical Money Skills


  1. Statistics in Schools–from the Census Bureau

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