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Economics and Finance

economicsUpdated 6-24-16

As a passionate Economics major in college (which grew into an MBA), I find Econ at the root of much of the world around us. It starts with counting coins in first and second grade and grows up to a peek into NASDAQ and other adult subjects in middle school.

Here are my favorite websites:

Coins and Counting Money

  1. Brain Pop Learn about Money
  2. Cash Out
  3. Cashtivity
  4. Coin Counting
  5. Coin games—from US Mint
  6. Count Money
  7. Counting Money
  8. Face on money
  9. Face on money–from Lunapic; lots of options
  10. Finance for Kids
  11. Learn about coins (for olders–lots of reading)
  12. Make change
  13. Money—counting
  14. Moneyville
  15. Money Flashcards–APlus Math
  16. Mr. Bouncy’s Money collection–lots of websites
  17. US Mint virtual tour (a slideshow)

Economics–for youngers

  1. Brain Pop Learn about Money
  2. Coffee Shop Game
  3. Rich Kid Smart Kid
  4. Spent–living at minimum wage: the game
  5. Three Jars–kids learn to use money wisely
  6. Tykoon Kid–earning with a purpose


  1. 12 Days of Christmas–find the cost and price change of the 12 gifts
  2. 60-seconds Adventures in Economics–videos from Open University
  3. Banzai–financial literacy (free) online program
  4. Basic Economic Terms
  5. Basic Economics Jumbled
  6. Be Your Own Boss
  7. BizKids–games to teach business and finance
  8. BrainPop—money movie
  9. Business and Profit Millionaire Game
  10. Coffeeshop Game
  11. Consumer Education at the Mall–upper elementary and MS
  12. Credit habits–developing good ones–a game
  13. Economic Concepts
  14. Economics in Plain English–from Atlantic Monthly–videos
  15. Economic Systems
  16. Economic Terms
  17. Economic Terms Mini-Quiz
  18. Economics Flashcards
  19. Economy Terms
  20. EverFi–course in financial literacy for high schoolers
  21. Financial Football–as fun as it sounds
  22. Gift Hunt--find the cost of the 12 gifts and the price change from the prior year
  23. Hands on Banking for Kids
  24. H&R Block Budget Challenge game
  25. How the Stock Market Works–a game for high schoolers
  26. It’s My Life–making money game
  27. Lemonade Stand
  28. Living Wage–what’s it cost to survive–by state, cities, counties
  29. NASDAQ
  30. New York Stock Exchange
  31. Stock Market Game
  32. US Debt Clock
  33. US Economy
  34. Value of Money–TED lesson on this topic; video (of course)
  35. You are here–where kids learn to be smarter consumers


  1.–finances for K-12
  2. Personal Finance for MS


  1. Statistics in Schools–from the Census Bureau

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