Digital Storytelling

Updated 9-10-21

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud Express–digital stories that blend images and audio into a video
  2. Adobe Voice–Show your story; free
  3. Bluster–word matching game develops vocabulary and word understanding for school-aged children (app)
  4. Book Creator
  5. Book Writer--write books on an iPad; view in iBooks (fee) (app)
  6. Comic Book!(app)
  7. Create a story
  8. Draw a Stickman–draw the main character of your story; the site turns it into a choose-your-own-adventure story, asking you to add detail. (app)
  9. Little Bird Tales–upload drawings, add student voice to them–K, 1 best
  10. Newspapers, posters, comics—learn to create
  11. Pixton–use their storytelling layout (picture at top, text at bottom)
  12. Puppet Pals – Create simple animated stories with puppets and even yourself!
  13. Shadow Puppet EDU – make videos to tell stories, explain ideas, & document learning (app)
  14. Shutterfly Photostory–self-published student books (app)
  15. StoryBird—-storytelling with art–beautiful
  16. Storyboard That–use their storytelling layout (picture at top, text at bottom)
  17. StoryJumper–build a book
  18. StorySpheres–text on 360 degree photos
  19. Sutori–use a variety of multimedia; fee/free accounts
  20. Telestory – An awesome, free augmented reality video storytelling app
  21. VoiceThread (app)
  22. WeVideo Digital Storytelling Kit
  23. Write About This–writing prompts for students (app)

Lesson Plans

  1. Digital Quick Writes
  2. Digital Quick Stories

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