Digital Storytelling

Updated 6-2-24

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud Express–digital stories that blend images and audio into a video
  2. Adobe Voice–Show your story; free
  3. Bluster–word matching game develops vocabulary and word understanding for school-aged children (app)
  4. Book Creator
  5. Book Writer--write books on an iPad; view in iBooks (fee) (app)
  6. Comic Book!(app)
  7. Create a story
  8. Draw a Stickman–draw the main character of your story; the site turns it into a choose-your-own-adventure story, asking you to add detail. (app)
  9. Newspapers, posters, comics—learn to create
  10. Pixton–use their storytelling layout (picture at top, text at bottom)
  11. Puppet Pals – Create simple animated stories with puppets and even yourself!
  12. Shutterfly Photostory–self-published student books (app)
  13. StoryBird—-storytelling with art–beautiful
  14. Storyboard That–use their storytelling layout (picture at top, text at bottom)
  15. StoryJumper–build a book
  16. Sutori–use a variety of multimedia; fee/free accounts
  17. VoiceThread (app)
  18. Write About This–writing prompts for students (app)

Lesson Plans

  1. Digital Quick Writes
  2. Digital Quick Stories

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