Updated 1-15-24

Preview these and then select the one(s) that fit your student grade and group:

  1. ABCYa Paint–great for Chromebooks
  2. ABCYa Animate–make GIFs
  3. AirSketch Free–Turn your iPad into a wireless whiteboard! Project live sketches to a local computer. (app)
  4. ArtFlow (app)
  5. ArtStudio–includes varied brushes, fills, text, and more (app)
  6. AutoDraw from Google
  7. Brush Ninja–no login required
  8. Draw and Tell by Duck Duck Moose (app)
  9. Draw.to
  10. Drawing Box (free)–learn and practice drawing and painting. Also import photos. (app)
  11. Doodle Buddy–Finger paint with your favorite colors and drop in playful stamps (app)
  12. Doodle Cast–fee (app)
  13. Draw–for K-2 (app)
  14. Drawing Desk–draw, sketch, doodle, fee/free, no text tool (app)
  15. Drawing Pad–fee; exactly what it sounds like (app)
  16. Drawp–drawing that’s sharable, with school accounts (app)
  17. Graffiti Creator
  18. iBrainstorm–FREE–drawing and writing with lots of colors (app)
  19. Infinite Painter (app)
  20. Inkpad–Vector drawing is mathematical rather than pixel-based so scaling should not effect resolution. This app is the simplest I have seen to introduce this concept. (app)
  21. KidPix Deluxe 3D–fee; only on Mac App store (app)
  22. Masterpiece for Osmo – Use Osmo to record a sto-mo video of you tracing an image (app)
  23. Paper One (app)
  24. Paper 53 – It’s hard not to love this simple, yet powerful, drawing app. Lots to like. (app)
  25. Pixel Art
  26. ProCreate–professional drawing only for iPad Pro (app)
  27. Quick Draw–draw a picture while Google tries to figure out what it is.
  28. Sketchpad–painting, some stamps, varied brushes; good for Chromebooks
  29. Sketchbook–free for educational purposes and it is powerful and well-documented. (app)
  30. Stickman–draw a stick figure and the site animates it
  31. SumoPaint–good for elementary; no log-in required; good with Chromebooks
  32. Tessellate