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Most of the gamed-based websites are under Simulations. This is designed for support resources for select games.

  1. Battleship on Google Sheets
  2. Breakouts by — a bit like Webquests but more comprehensive
  3. Breakout Room Template
  4. Game Show Templates–Frazzle, Jeopardy, Family Feud, Price is Right, more
  5. Gamified Syllabus–a template to create games
  6. A Google A Day
  7. NOAA Science games

Economics and Finance

  1. BizKids–games to teach business and finance


  1. Where in Google Earth is Carmen San Diego–desktop or app


  1. Beat the Bard–using Shakespearean characters
  2. Oregon Trail–a browser-based edition
  3. Digital Breakouts–review or assessment in a gamelike format; includes mostly history, but other topics; high school




  1. The Writing Process Gameboard

Create Games

Game Quizzes

  1. Gimkit
  2. Kahoot
  3. Quizizz
  4. Quizlet Live


Minecraft Resources

Resources on Gamification

  1. Duolingo–gamifying language learning
  2. Gamification how-to–90 videos
  3. Guide to gamification
  4. How to Gamify your Classroom–Paul Anderson
  5. Quest to Learn–a gamified classroom

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