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minecraftUpdated 6-25-16

Most of the gamed-based websites are under Simulations. This is designed for support resources for select games.

Economics and Finance

  1. BizKids–games to teach business and finance


  1. Ancient Civilizations Gamified
  2. Oregon Trail–a browser-based edition
  3. Digital Breakouts–review or assessment in a gamelike format; includes mostly history, but other topics; high school


  1. Khan Academy
  2. Manga High
  3. ProdigyGame


  1. Digipuzzles–great puzzles for geography, nature, and holidaysjigsaw
  2. Jigsaw Planet–create your own picture jigsaw
  3. Jigsaw puzzles
  4. Jigzone–puzzles
  5. Jigsaw Puzzles–JS
  6. Kindergarten puzzles
  7. Puzzle—St. Pat’s Puzzle
  8. Puzzle—St. Pat’s puzzle II
  9. Puzzle—drag-and-drop puzzle
  10. Puzzle—St. Pat’s slide puzzle
  11. Puzzle—Leprechaun jigsaw puzzle

Minecraft Resources

  1. 4th grade California mission project
  2. Hour of Code with Minecraft
  3. Minecraft: Official website for the game
  4. Minecraft free to educators
  5. MinecraftEdu: Educators and programmers working to make Minecraft accessible for schools
  6. MinecraftEdu Wiki: Tutorials, lessons, and resources
  7. Minecraft Google Group: An active community of educators using Minecraft
  8. Mineimator–digital storytelling with Minecraft
  9. Mojang: Persson’s (developer of Minecraft) independent game studio
  10. The Minecraft Teacher: Levin’s blog about Minecraft and teaching
  11. Pixel Pushers: A project to create a MinecraftEdu toolset for teachers
  12. Thesis on Collaborative Problem-Solving in Minecraft (PDF):
  13. YouTube Videos Featuring MinecraftEdu: Tutorials, interviews, in-class footage, and more

Resources on Gamification

  1. Guide to gamification

Create Games

  1. Blended Games


  1. Battleship on Google Sheets
  2. Breakouts by — a bit like Webquests but more comprehensive
  3. Mystery Skype–play with another class around the world and guess where each is located
  4. NOAA Science games
  5. Pagamo–build games that students play to build knowledge

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