Human Body

Updated 12-31-22

  1. Build a Skeleton II
  2. Can you place these parts in the correct place?
  3. Code Fred–a game to save Fred by understanding the human body’s response to trauma
  4. DIY Human Body (app)
  5. Ear–video, with music. Clever! For MS (because of domain-specific vocab)
  6. Enchanted Learning—the body
  8. Find My Body Parts
  9. Health Games
  10. Heart Trek–Be the beat
  11. How the Body Works–more
  12. How the body works–videos
  13. Human Anatomy Online
  14. Human Body
  15. Human Body with StudyJams
  16. Human Body Games
  17. Human body maps–middle school
  18. Human Body Websites II
  19. Human Body—Fast Facts
    human body
  20. Human Body—video by 2nd grade class
  21. Human Body—videos on how body work
  22. Kids Health
  23. Label the body
  24. Living Lung (app)
  25. Muscles Game
  26. Neuroscience for Kids
  27. Virtual Body--Zygote (Google)
  28. Visual Anatomy (app)


  • Avokiddo–app for fitness and health for kids
  • Lifesaver–CPR in an online video game–choose your own adventure

Lesson Plan

  1. Human Body

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