Coding (HS)


Updated 8-29-21

  1. Animatron–design and publish animated and interactive content that plays everywhere, from desktop computers to mobile devices.coding
  2. Build a website–a guide
  3. Chrome Experiments–geeky experimentation with programming
  4. I like programming video
  5. Kodu—game programming
  6. Learn to code
  7. Minecraft coding mod
  8. Robby Leonardi–programmer–a game played about programming in the style of Mario
  9. Roboblockly–to teach coding and math, from UCDavis
  10. Stencyl–build games without coding with downloaded software
  11. Stickman–draw a stick figure and the site animates it
  12. Symbaloo collection for coding
  13. TEDEd’s Think Like a Coder--video story that students must solve problems with coding
  14. TED Talk on young programmers

Learn coding (for a career)

  1. Code Academy
  2. Coursera
  3. Free Code Camp
  4. PluralSight
  5. Tree House