Middle School

Update 9-11-21

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  1. Cells Alive!

Bridge Building



Digital Citizenship




Human Body


Logical Thinking

  1. 60-second Adventures in Thought–Open University
  2. How to critically think–Polya shows how he does it (1 hour video–famous)–good for MS
  3. Thinking Skills–Riddles



  1. 360o views from around the world
  2. Auto Hotkey–free–simple shortkey programming for students; requires download
  3. BatchGeo—map locations
  4. Code Avengers
  5. Code Monster
  6. CodePen
  7. Codesters–fun coding for middle school; students code and see the result on side-by-side screens
  8. Gamestar Mechanic–design video games
  9. Khan Academy Computer Science
  10. Lightbot–solving puzzles with programming; MS
  11. Looking Glass—animated story–offshoot of Alice
  12. Notepad–coding using the Windows Notepad
  13. Python
  14. RoboMind–downloaded software
  15. Robotics
  16. Scratch
  17. Snap!—runs in your browser
  18. Squeakland–build etoys with downloaded software
  19. Tinkercad–3D modeling–fee–perfect for 3D printing
  20. Typing.IO–typing code for practice
  21. Windows Property menu–create a shortkey for any Windows tool through properties. Here’s a how-to video.
  22. Wolfram Alpha widgets


  1. UJam
  2. Soundation–Make music
  1. Spanish resources

Study Skills

  1. Study Blue

Word Study

  1. Rewordify–reword difficult phrases
  2. Visuwords


4 thoughts on “Middle School

  1. I have a question. In the 5th grade Technology Book the appendix lists keyboarding games, (I have the print version) but on this websites I can’t find any. Please can you direct me to the location.


  2. Hi Jacqui! I’m almost finished with my MS curriculum except one lesson you mentioned in the summer pd that I cannot find a site for. “Take career test & create graphic organizer of their choice (re:who they are, what they need to achieve) ” I have choices for the organizer, and career information http://www.bls.gov/k12/students.htm or ww.myfuture.com, but not a career tests. I would appreciate if you can point me in the right direction. Thank you!

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