Tech Ed Coach

Updated 12-21-23

Why do you need a coach to integrate tech into ed? Here are some things I can do

…for teachers:CC webinar

  • Provide professional development on technology integration
  • Design curriculum to support technology-rich classrooms
  • Provide blended learning opportunities for teachers through videos or tutorials
  • Curate information for teachers
  • Add digital tools to their toolboxes that work

…for your school:

  • provide support schoolwide, small groups, or one-on-one
  • locate resources to support instructional goals
  • help you support a digital-age learning environment
  • model digital citizenship
  • show how to be forward-thinking as it relates to technology
  • engage faculty in tech challenges that earn fun stuff

…for you:

  • Show you how to build a Professional Learning Network
  • Show you how to define an online presence (Twitter, blogs, websites)
  • Model lessons and give classroom support
  • Give just-in-time coaching on new tech tools
  • Collaborate on design and delivery of inquiry
  • Engage  you in tech

Why an outside person (like me) instead of in-house?

  • breadth of knowledge across a wide geographic and pedagogic area
  • focus entirely on putting tech into your education
  • saves money

Who am I–and why would you trust me?

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