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Updated 6-30-16


  1. Critical Past–original videos from mid-1800’s and forward of amazing events in world history.
  2. French Revolution to music
  3. History Central
  4. History for Kids--written by a ‘kid’ in well-chosen words his peers will understand
  5. History for Kids—facts, games, quotes
  6. Media History Project
  7. Timelapse–watch the world change over time

American History

  1. America’s Story
  2. America–Colonies
  3. American Indians
  4. Christopher Columbus
  5. Civil War I video
  6. Civil War II video
  7. Civil War—reconstruction—video
  8. Colonial America–life
  9. D-Day through the eyes of a journalist--video
  10. the Flag–evolution of the American flag
  11. George Washington
  12. Growth of the USA
  13. Historic speeches
  14. Jamestown Adventure Game
  15. Transcontinental Railroad video
  16. US History Map Game
  17. USA Games
  18. Videos about American presidents I
  19. Videos about American presidents II


  1. Ellis Island
  2. Mt. Vernon
  3. Native American Conflicts
  4. Oregon Trail—virtual tour

American Revolution

  1. American Rev—5 min. summary video
  2. American Revolution
  3. American Revolution videos
  4. Jamestown Adventure Game
  5. Mt. Vernon
  6. Patriot Spy–Deliver a covert message to Paul Revere
  7. Pocahantas
  8. Road to Revolution Game
  9. USA Puzzles


  1. Biographies

CA History

  1. CA History Overview
  2. CA Mission Life
  3. CA Mission Pictures
  4. CA Mission Pictures—all Missions
  5. CA Missions 1780 to present
  6. CA Missions–Christianity
  7. CA Missions—each mission
  8. CA Missions–info on each II
  9. CA Missions–more
  10. CA Missions–Santa Barbara
  11. Daily Life at Missions
  12. Father Serra
  13. Father Serra II
  14. Father Serra III
  15. Father Serra–more
  16. Father Serra—still more
  17. Golden Gate Bridge
  18. Google Earth Mission Tour
  19. Historical Fiction List
  20. Mission Quotes
  21. Mission Websites for Kids
  22. Santa Barbara Mission
  23. Tour CA Missions with Google Earth


  1. Egyptian Madlibs
  2. Egyptian Pyramids
  3. Eternal Egypt

Greece and Rome

  1. Archaeology Game
  2. Greeks-Romans
  3. Greeks–Primary grades
  4. Starfall Greek Myths
  5. Trojan War(to Tainted Love)


  1. Maps–historic map works
  2. Maps–historical maps
  3. Maps–old maps and more

Martin Luther King Day



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