Updated 8-27-21

  1. Critical Past–original videos from mid-1800’s and forward of amazing events in world history.
  2. History Central
  3. History for Kids--written by a ‘kid’ in well-chosen words his peers will understand
  4. HistoryPin–connect your community with local history
  5. Media History Project
  6. Pass the Past–educational game to help students prepare for Virginia’s Standard’s of Learning (SOL) exams with a focus on World, United States and Virginia history, civics, and geography. (app)
  7. Playing History--games on all sorts of historic topics; may be young for HS or perfect
  8. Timelapse–watch the world change over time

American History


  1. Biographies

California History


  1. Egyptian Madlibs
  2. Egyptian Pyramids

Greece and Rome


  1. Maps–historic map works
  2. Maps–historical maps
  3. Maps–old maps and more

World History

  1. Digital Breakouts–review or assessment in a gamelike format; includes mostly history, but other topics; high school
  2. WW II wartime recipes

1st grade

3rd grade

4th grade

5th grade



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