How to Use MS Word to Teach Geography

Grade Level: 3-5

Diagram and table

Background: Using MS Word.

Vocabulary: diagram, graphic organizer, solar system

Time: About 30 minutes


  • Open MS Word. Add a heading to the top.
  • Add a title–Where We Are–centered, bold and font 14. Use this to point out the tool bar with the four alignment tools, bold, fonts and font size
  • Insert a graphic organizer (insert-diagram). Point out all six. Be sure to create activities that use at least three of these throughout your years with the students.
  • Add enough layers to give them ten. Have them use their math skills to decide how many more they need. Show them how the diagram tool bar comes up with the diagram is highlighted.
  • Fill in the names. Make font size 10 and use abbreviations. Discuss the abbreviations.

    3rd graders–a sentence only; no table

  • Use the tool bar to re-color the diagram.
  • For 3rd graders, add one sentence at the bottom about each location. Be concise and factual. For 4-5th graders, create a table using MS Word with three columns. the first column will list the location, the second a fact about 3rd graders--a sentence only; no tableit, the third a picture you’ve copies from the internet (only public domain pictures).

from the Structured Learning Technology series for K-5

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