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Tech Tip #1: Using the (Useless) Insert Key

Posted by on June 23, 2010

In my fifteen years of teaching and tutoring tech, I’ve seen everything–and come up with solutions for all of it. I’ll share those with you. My goal: That students (of all ages) feel empowered not frightened by technology, that it is fun not frustrating. These tips will get you there with you and your kids.

Every time I type, it covers up everything that comes after.

Push the insert key. I hear they’re doing away with it on upcoming keyboards. They might as well. No one knows what it does anyway, and when users errantly push it, they don’t know how to stop its annoying type-over.

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One Response to Tech Tip #1: Using the (Useless) Insert Key

  1. Johnson

    Thanks so much for your text. I did not know about this. I will for sure be back to this page, and I am adding it to my Google Reader right now. I don’t want to miss your posts any more.

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