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58 Hour of Code Suggestions by Grade Level

Posted by on November 9, 2015

Here are ideas of apps and websites that teachers in my PLN used successfully in the past during Hour of Code:

hour of codeKindergarten

Start kindergartners with problem solving. If they love Legos, they’ll love coding

  1. BotLogic–great for Kindergarten and youngers
  2. Code–learn to code, for students
  3. Daisy the Dinosaur—intro to programming via iPad
  4. How to train your robot–a lesson plan from Dr. Techniko
  5. Kodable--great for youngers–learn to code before you can read
  6. Move the Turtle–programming via iPad for middle schoolhour of code
  7. Primo–a wooden game, for ages 4-7
  8. Program a human robot (unplugged)
  9. Scratch Jr.

1st Grade

  1. Code–learn to code, for students
  2. Hopscotch–programming on the iPad
  3. Primo–a wooden game, for ages 4-7
  4. Scratch Jr.
  5. Tynker

2nd Gradehour of code

  1. Code–learn to code, for students
  2. Google Spreadsheets–decode and fill in color coded pictures (like the popular gingerbread house, penguinpicture, or shapes and pictures)
  3. Hopscotch–programming on the iPad
  4. Tynker

3rd Gradevector of a robot

  1. Minecraft

4th Grade

  1. Khan Academy Computer Science
  2. Minecrafthour of code
  3. Robotics
  4. Scratch
  5. Snap!—runs in your browser

5th Grade

  1. Google Spreadsheets–code the spreadsheet with color that will reveal a secret picture
  2. Khan Academy Computer Sciencevector art robot man
  3. Lego Digital Designer
  4. Minecraft
  5. Robotics
  6. Scratch
  7. Snap!—runs in your browser
  8. Tinkercad–3D modeling–fee–perfect for 3D printing
  9. Windows Property menu–create a shortkey for any Windows tool through properties. Here’s a how-to for one example
  10. Wolfram Alpha widgets

Middle Schoolprogramming

  1. Auto Hotkey–free–simple shortkey programming for students; requires download
  2. Code Avengers
  3. Code Monster
  4. Gamestar Mechanic–design video games
  5. Hakitzu–learning through games
  6. Khan Academy Computer Science
  7. Looking Glass—animated story– an offshoot of Alice
  8. Minecraft
  9. Notepad–coding using the Windows Notepad
  10. Python
  11. Robotics–using NXT and Lego Mindstorm
  12. Scratch–here’s a Scratch tutorial for Hour of Code. Find the facilitator’s guide here and the self-guided tutorial here.
  13. Snap!—runs in your browser
  14. Tinkercad–3D modeling–fee–perfect for 3D printing
  15. Windows Property menu–create a shortkey for any Windows tool through properties. Here’s a how-to.
  16. Wolfram Alpha widgets

Here are general ideas. See what fits best for your grade levels:

  1. Activate!—create gameshour of code
  2. American Computer Science League–competitions for junior and senior high
  3. Chrome Experiments–geeky experimentation with programming
  4. Google Computer Science for High School–free workshops (with application) for K-12 teachers
  5. I like programming video
  6. Kodu—game programming
  7. Learn to code
  8. Robby Leonardi–programmer–a game played about programming in the style of Mario

More ideas? Check Cybraryman’s Programming Page and see what Kent ISD is doing that week. Or, try this series of Hour of Code lesson plans for K-8.

Jacqui Murray has been teaching K-18 technology for 30 years. She is the editor/author of over a hundred tech ed resources including a K-8 technology curriculum, K-8 keyboard curriculum, K-8 Digital Citizenship curriculum. She is an adjunct professor in tech ed, Master Teacher, webmaster for four blogs, an Amazon Vine Voice reviewer, CAEP reviewer, CSTA presentation reviewer, freelance journalist on tech ed topics, contributor to NEA Today and TeachHUB, and author of the tech thrillers, To Hunt a Sub and Twenty-four Days. You can find her resources at Structured Learning.

updated 12-23-18

22 Responses to 58 Hour of Code Suggestions by Grade Level

  1. Kostas Karolemeas

    There is a new one! Run Marco! by Allcancode is an adventure coding game designed for elementary school students. It is featured in this year’s Hour of Code website:

  2. Susan Harrison

    Thanks for doing all of this, this is an awesome resource!!!

  3. Mark Ahrens

    Awesome..thanks so much for compiling this wonderful resource

  4. Heather

    great info thanks a lot for sharing!

  5. Kala

    This is awesome!!! I will share you page in my Coding presentation at the Louisiana Association of Computer Using Educators (LACUE) this week. Awesome job. This is what teachers are looking for. Thank you so much.

  6. Autismislove

    List of things i liek:
    fidget spinners
    froot loops

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