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10 Top Click-throughs from Ask a Tech Teacher

Posted by on January 10, 2011

I include lots of links for my readers to places that will help them integrate technology into their education. They cover websites on lesson plans,

top ten

Top Ten Click-throughs

math, keyboarding, classroom management, cloud computer, digital books, teacher resources, free tech resources, and more. On any given day, I generate on average 157 of these click throughs. Which links my readers select tells me a lot about the type of information they’re looking for from me.

Here’s a list of the top ten sites my readers selected to visit from my blog:

  1. Keyboard Climber–actually, the top four were keyboarding websites, so I’ll lump them all into the #1 slot. They included:
  2. Mousing around--a fun mouse-skills program that’s perfect for kindergarten and first grade
  3. My K-3rd Grade Wiki Page–I keep a wiki for each grade I teach that includes what we did, resources for students, homework, and more. All of my wiki pages came up in the top ten, so I lumped them together here
  4. Landforms–good easy-to-read info on our earth
  5. My internet start page for my classes--this is the page my K-5 students bring up when they open the internet. It includes the links they’ll use that day, as well as links they need for classroom inquiry, and lots more
  6. Geogreeting–a fun site that finds letters and messages in the earth’s geography
  7. Wild on Math
  8. Sqooltube–kid-friendly videos on lots of academic topics
  9. Talking Pets–a fun way for kids to practice typing. Type your message in and a dog speaks it to you
  10. Zoopz–a wonderful logical thinking site with no advertising

What do I conclude from this? you-all first are looking for as much keyboarding information as I can provide. Second, you want information on managing the classroom. I hear you. Check back this new year and see what I come up with.

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