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Summer Activities to Keep Kids in Tech

Posted by on June 15, 2010

I love summer! Summer should be a complete change from all the academic stuff that has happened all year. Sports, hikes, hobbies. Time to pet the dog.

But, I still start with goals because without an end point, I’ll never homeschoolaccomplish anything. So here’s my schedule for the summer:


To start the week, I’ll share a book review. It’ll be a tech sort of book, one I’ve read and liked. Some, the kind you can use in your homeschooling. Some will be to help you understand the world of education better.


Every Monday, I’ll share one of the nuggets I’ve found at the intersection of being a tech teacher and a homeschooler. I call it, Everything I Needed to Know, I learned in Technology. The pith may be tech, but the lessons are about life.


Tuesday, I’ll share a challenging and creative lesson plan that involves something about technology. Lots of them are software, but they always will be common software (like MS Office) or free stuff you can download from the internet (like Google Earth


A tech tip that you will find saves your tech life. Like Ctrl+Z to undo some horrible mistake–like you deleted your document. These are all tried and tested in classrooms around the country.


This is my day to share a wonderful website that my students, parents, homeschool friends love. Some are educational. Some are just plain fun. The secret is: They all teach kids about technology.


Technology in the news. Friday, I’ll act as news aggregator and share whatever strikes me as important technologically around the world


The future of tech. Jobs, industries, stuff.

I probably won’t do each of these every week, but I’ll probably hit five of them. If you have a preference, leave me a comment. I’ll make sure I cover it for you.

PS. You can read a whole lot of my ideas on teaching technology at my other blog, Ask a Tech Teacher I. If you’re a writer, or want your kids to be writers, visit my Writing blog.

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